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Application: Works with home DVD player, car DVD player, portable DVD player, Ipod Video, PMP, PS2, Xbox, Game Cube, TV set, TV tuner, Camcorder, and other AV devices. Enjoy 3D movies in stereo effect.

Features / specification:

  • Display size: 56 inches
  • Pixels: 640H*480V*RGB(922K)
  • Angle of view: 28 degrees
  • Video input: NTSC/PAL composite video
  • 3D stereoscopic format: Field Sequential 3D stereo video
  • Sound function: double channel stereo
  • Adjustment function: volume, brightness, 2D/3D mode switch and left/right viewing swap
  • AC power supply: 100V220V/50Hz
  • DC power input: 9V DC
  • Basic accessories: AC adapter, eye patches, cables
  • Optional accessories: LP1100 lithium battery , wireless set
  • Power consumption: 1.5W
  • Packing size: 285 * 200 * 85mm

    Product Profile

     GVD 510A is a glass-style 3D LCD display with AV input, presenting you with a big 56-inch virtual screen and supporting create an full-screen stereo viewing. Resolution is 640*480 true color. It can be powered by external lithium battery.
      As a personal display, this product connects to DVD players, PS series game consoles,,Xbox series game consoles, iPod, cell phones and etc. for private viewing of games, movies and pictures in larger screen. Particularly its stereo viewing function makes you enjoy the 3D stereo movies on normal DVD players and recorders , which can be only felt in stereo cinema beofore.
      It has adjusting buttons for screen brightness, volume and 2D/3D switch. When using it for 3D stereo viewing of movies, it works stereoscopically only with AV input and the content sources(such as 3D DVD) need to be field sequential stereo format.